Forrest Lamp, G, Western Kentucky


Forrest Lamp is considered to be the best offensive linemen in this draft at his position. He played left tackle for Western Kentucky, but his traits suggest he is more suited to play guard in the NFL. The thing that sticks out about Lamp’s game is the power he shows in the running game. He even has the mobility to pull as a tackle. This will suit Lamp as he transitions and suggests he can be a pulling guard to complement his power. Lamp is able to control the point-of-attack when he makes contact. He shows excellent technique and is able to leverage his size well. I liked the way he was able to absorb the bull rush from defensive ends, which suggest he will be able to pass block in the NFL too. What you have to like is that there is some nasty to Lamp’s game and was able to pancake his competition. The knock on him was that he played at Western Kentucky, but Lamp showed these positive traits against Alabama, in a bowl game, in the senior bowl and against LSU in 2015.

The problem Lamp has is that his kick slide is weak. This can be masked in a phone booth at guard. I noticed on tape that he seems to try to anticipate the pass rusher instead of mirror the pass rusher. He also had problems related to his arms being short for a tackle. He wasn’t able to get the initial contact on the pass rusher. Another weakness I saw was his hand fighting. He will need to work on that at the next level.

Lamp’s success against Tim Williams and Jonathan Allen should not be forgotten and I think that put him in the first round. Lamp is not an NFL tackle and therefore that puts him in the later part of the first round. I think he is the top true guard in this draft class, although it is arguable that Cam Robinson could be more successful if converted to a guard. I think the success he had shown when he did play against elite competition shows that he is a safe pick for a non-power five conference prospect.



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