Ed Hunt’s Mock Draft


#1 Cleveland Browns: Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming
The Browns are looking like they will pick Josh Allen as that is the latest rumor. He may not be the best quarterback in the draft with a 56% completion percentage in college. He does fit in the mold of a Ben Roethlisberger which will go over well with new offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Also, remember John Dorsey traded up for Patrick Mahomes.

#2 New York Giants: Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California
This pick has been rumored to go a lot of different ways, including Saquon Barkeley but I think Sam Darnold’s availability will make getting a quarterback of the future more attractive. Darnold has all the tools to become a franchise quarterback.

#3 New York Jets: Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
This is a polarizing pick. I think this pick will get cheered by Jets fans as he is a former Heisman Trophy winner. I could see this pick bust for a lack of arm strength from Baker Mayfield. There is a strong connection between the Jets and Baker Mayfield.

#4 Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
The Browns will get their choice in their second pick as the first three picks will be quarterback which they will presumably take with the first pick. Barkley is a fan favorite already and add an outstanding combine and you have an exciting pick. The Browns may not have fixed their passing game, but their running game will give them a boost. This would also make a third year in a row that a running back goes #4.

#5 Denver Broncos: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame
This is a hard pick to project but I think a guard is the Broncos primary need. They added a quarterback this offseason in Case Keenum and now they will have a better line as it has been weak for a few years. Their running game will get a boost for whoever they pick in a loaded running back class.

#6 Indianapolis Colts: Roquan Smith, ILB, Georgia
The Colts need to upgrade their defense and Roquan Smith is arguably the best defender in this draft. He may lack the ability to take on blocks, but he adds the ability to make a tackle sideline to sideline.

#7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama
The Buccaneers can go a lot of ways with this pick, but they would quickly upgrade their secondary. Fitzpatrick would be able to step in a cover from the slot. He is also a ball-hawking safety who would help the Bucs improve in the turnover department.

#8 Chicago Bears: Bradley Chubb, OLB, NC State
The Bears will be lucky to have Bradley Chubb fall to them as Chubb brings college production, a good combine and is the best edge defender in this draft. He will be a good enough pass rusher to get sacks and he is enough of an athlete to drop into coverage. This would be a great pick for the Bears.

#9 San Francisco 49ers: Tremaine Edmunds, ILB, Virginia Tech
The 49ers will continue their rebuilding project with an athlete at linebacker. Reuben Foster was recently arrested for domestic violence and will his criminal record, you have to think the 49ers will want to replace him. Edmonds is every bit as able to become the weakside linebacker for the 49ers. His upside is tremendous.

#10 Oakland Raiders: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
Some have him going higher, but with his size, there are some limitations. He will have trouble with bigger receivers. On the plus side, he is probably the best cover corner in this draft.

#11 Miami Dolphins: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
I know this is late to take Josh Rosen; so assume this pick is taken earlier. I think the Dolphins have a chance to get Rosen with the eleventh pick. I assume they will probably have to swap first rounders with somebody. I also could see Rosen going to the Bills.

#12 Buffalo Bills: Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia
The Bills will need to upgrade their offensive line no matter who they get as a quarterback. I could see this pick being traded to move up for one. I also think that Wynn gives you some talent on the inside and he comes from a team that was successful in the SEC. If it wasn’t for Alabama’s late comeback, Wynn would be a National Champion.

#13 Washington Redskins: Da’Ron Payne, NT, Alabama
The Redskins will be able to upgrade their defensive line this year with a star from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Payne is probably the best interior rusher from the inside in this draft. I think he will help the Redskin defense improve.

#14 Green Bay Packers: Leighton Vander Esch, ILB, Boise State
He is the best late riser in this draft and I think he could be a steal. His game at Oregon showed that he has the talent to play in the NFL. He may not start right away, but he has the upside to be a top linebacker in this league.

#15 Arizona Cardinals: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
Ridley is arguably the best receiver in this class. He showed he has the speed and route running to be effective on the outside and in the slot. Some expect the pick to be a quarterback, but Bradford has been successful in this league.

#16 Baltimore Ravens: Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M

Some question whether Kirk will be drafted this high because he is a slot receiver. With the evolution of the importance of the slot in the NFL, this becomes a logical pick. Kirk has great speed and hands. The Ravens have been looking all offseason to upgrade the receiver position.

#17 Los Angeles Chargers: Vita Vea, DT, Washington
The Chargers will be able to upgrade their defensive line with probably the best run stopper in this draft. Vea is big with an anchor. He also is athletic in the middle. The knock on him is that he has a poor motor, but I think that is something he can fix with conditioning.

#18 Seattle Seahawks: Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
Mike McGlinchey is probably the best tackle available in this draft. Although this isn’t a great draft for tackles, McGlinchey should be able to do the job. Before this season, McGlinchey was projected as a top 10 pick, but after a less than stellar year, he slips to #18.

#19 Dallas Cowboys: Taven Bryan, DT, Florida
In a class loaded at the top with defensive line talent, Taven Bryan is the most logical choice. Bryan shows the ability to get interior pressure and that will help the Cowboys rebuild their defense. Some think they will go receiver here, but I think you continue to build your defense.

#20 Detriot Lions: Joshua Jackson, CB, Iowa
The Lions will want to upgrade at a premium position with this pick. Joshua Jackson is probably the second best corner in this draft and is taller than Denzel Ward. He may not be able to cover as well, but he is a ballhawk.

#21 Cincinnati Bengals: Billy Price, C/G, Ohio State
The Bengals have to improve their offensive line if they want to be competitive and so the next logical step is to draft an interior offensive lineman. Billy Price is a first rounder because he is a polished blocker who understands the leverage game.

#22 Buffalo Bills: Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State
Mason Rudolph had a decent year at the helm of Oklahoma State and that is why he will get a shot to prove he is a quarterback in this league. He may not have the strongest or most accurate arm, but he is a smart quarterback who is able to pick apart the defense.

#23 New England Patriots: Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma
The Patriots are desperate for a left tackle and that’s why they might reach for Orlando Brown. He isn’t the most athletic tackle, but he is big. I think the Patriots could develop him into a smarter tackle who could step in and play left tackle for them.

#24 Carolina Panthers: Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
Its kind of a surprise that he doesn’t go earlier. He is an athletic edge rusher with about three good pass rushing moves. He probably will want to develop a full arsenal of pass rush moves this offseason.

#25 Tennessee Titans: Harold Landry, OLB, Boston College
This pick will be about upside instead of day one talent. Harold Landry was slotted to be a top edge rushing talent until a less than stellar 2017. I still think this could be a steal if he lives up to his pass-rushing potential.

#26 Atlanta Falcons: James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State
The Falcons will want to upgrade their reciving corps and Washington may be that pick. Some think that Washington is the best receiver in this draft. I don’t but I think he could be a first rounder. He can stretch the field and is a smart enough route runner to gain separation. The knock on him is the route running wasn’t expected to be as comprehensive at Oklahoma State.

#27 New Orleans Saints: Rashaan Evans, ILB, Alabama
Some think Rashaan Evans will go before Tremaine Edmonds in this draft, but I don’t think so because he is only a one year starter. Evan played behind some talent at Alabama and that is why it took him time to earn a linebacker spot. Evans can come in and cover and help you stop the run.

#28 Pittsburgh Steelers: Derrius Guice, RB, Lousiana State
The Steelers are having trouble signing Le’Veon Bell and that may spell the end of him. The Steelers can take a productive runner in the SEC. He has speed and can catch and those are things that will endear him to teams picking in the first round. He was injured in 2017 and that may be the reason he fall this far.

#29 Jacksonville Jaguars: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
The Jaguars want to improve their receiving corps after losing Allen Robinson. Sutton has both the size and speed that you look for in a wide receiver. He may not have played in the best conference, but he succeeded at that level.

#30 Minnesota Vikings: Connor Williams, G, Texas
Connor Williams may not be a tackle, but the Vikings will need a first round quality tackle or guard. They may wait to take a tackle later in the draft with Connor Williams being able to play guard. Williams might be a tackle and that is why Williams could also be a possibility.

#31 New England Patriots: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
It will be interesting to see what position Jackson is asked to play in the NFL, but you have to think the Patriots will know how to use him. The Patriots may like him because they think he can take over for Brady after he is done. They also may see him a possible receiver prospect after trading Brandin Cooks.

#32 Philadephia Eagles: Derwin James, S, Florida State
It is a surprise that James would last this long and therefore it is probably another place where a team will trade up (to draft Derwin James). James is a playmaker who can play in space and help you in the run defense department.


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