Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

Bryce Love Scouting Report
Bryce Love is an exceptionally productive runner at the NCAA level

Bryce Love is a quick runner with a lot of shiftiness. He has good agility and makes good cuts when he runs. Love hits the hole quickly at the start of his runs. He is both a quick runner and an elusive runner. He also demonstrates good vision when he runs. Love is able to run between the tackles, but he is an even better runner to the outside. He is also a good open field runner to add to his ability to run to the outside. His moves help him keep running with both a good spin move and a good stiff arm. Love has excellent balance which keeps him upright.

The area of Love’s game that gives me concern is the power running. He doesn’t have elite size but instead relies on his agile frame to make tacklers miss. I think if there is an area he could improve it is yards after contact. He is able to use moves to avoid to lengthen runs but isn’t as able to bounce off tacklers.

Love is clearly a first-round runner. I think he goes in the late first round though because of his size. He may do better in a 1-2 punch as the elusive runner who is complemented by a power runner. This is not to say that he is not a primary back. I think he can be some team’s primary back on day one.


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