David Montgomery, RB, Iowa State

David Montgomery is a good runner. He is an elusive runner who is hard to bring down. He is also a patient runner who uses his vision to avoid defenders. He has decent burst and good straight-line speed for a running back. He also has good receiving ability. He can catch out of the backfield and shows good hands. He has enough route running ability that the Cyclone’s line him up on the outside as a receiver. He also is a decent blocker.

His weakness is that he lacks the power running ability that teams covet in an every down back. He might be better served coming off the field in short-yardage situations and goal-line situations. He is capable of breaking tackles though; so this isn’t a glaring weakness. He also needs to work on his blocking form. He sometimes tries to lunge at the pass rusher and that can get him into trouble.

Montgomery is probably a second round back. He could be a team’s primary back in a rotation of backs to start his career. This isn’t a good running back class; so, I would rank him in the top three. He is more of a speed and catching out of the backfield back so I would hope the team that drafts him has a bigger back.


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