Devin White, LB, LSU

Devin White has shown improvement in 2018. He has good instincts for a linebacker. He also is capable of blitzing and carrying out different kinds of blitzes. He has good speed and will probably make some headlines at the Combine. White dropped into zone coverage a lot at LSU which shows he will do well with a team that doesn’t use man coverage a lot with their linebackers. What really stands out about White is his run defense. He fills the lanes well and is a good enough tackler to really help in run defense.

There are two weaknesses that I see in White’s game. One is that he needs to shed blocks better. He is a good hand fighter but needs to get off blocks better. The second is that the jury is still out on whether White can perform in man coverage. He wasn’t asked to do it a lot at LSU.

Overall, I see White’s best position as a middle linebacker in a 4-3. That way he can focus on blitzing and playing the run. I don’t know if his coverage skills are good enough to play the will linebacker position. He could also be a buck linebacker in a 3-4. White is a mid-first rounder with a lot of linebacking talents. What will make him drop is his lack of coverage ability. Some teams will probably think his 40-time translates to being able to cover though.


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