Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

Greedy Williams nfl draft profile
Greedy Williams has a chance to become a #1 cornerback at the next level.

Greedy Williams is a top-notch cover corner. He is very good at staying with his man. He also has great instincts and ball skills which allow him to jump the route and make the interception. He has excellent hands for a corner. Williams is also physical in his demeanor and he brings that to his play off the line of scrimmage. The shows that he will be able to slow receivers and that he is competitive. I like that he is a good open field tackler and it helps when needing to tackle the catch. This also bleeds into his ability to support the run when asked to.

The weakness that I see in Williams game is that he is not a willing run defender. He is more the type that will be asked to stay in coverage or deep on a zone. He is a good tackler though so it is something that he could learn over time.

Greedy Williams is a top five pick in my opinion and will probably be the first corner taken off the board. He is a redshirt sophomore and so this is the first year that he will be eligible for the NFL. Teams will like that he is still young and that he can be a consistent cover corner for years to come.


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