Greg Little, OT, Mississippi State

Greg Little looks like an NFL left tackle getting off the bus. He is 6’6 and 330 pounds. With that NFL size, he brings the ability to keep SEC pass rushers in check when he gets his hands on them. He brings a little nasty to his game and can be a bully out on the field. His size allows him to absorb a bull rush pretty well. He also has long arms which make it him an effective pass blocker. I also like that he can block on the second level and can pull as a run blocker.

He does have his share of technique issues. He can get out-leveraged because he is so tall. Little will need to learn to block lower on the pass rush. I think he adds a balance issue to that problem. I also worry about him spearing at defenders in the run blocking game. His hand placement could also be better. Past his technique issues, he is also an average athlete. He needs to work on his kick slide. It is good enough for the SEC but I worry if it will be good enough for the NFL. The third major issue is that it concerns me the way Arden Key blew past him on a given play. I hope that it was a lack of focus and not that Key is far more athletic than Little.

Little is a redshirt sophomore and so he is still 20 and young. There is a lot of potential to work with. I also see some technique and focus issues that need some work. My hope is that he comes into a situation with a good offensive line coach who can fix the technique issues. I think he will be picked in the top half of the first round, but I think he will be a bit of a project to live up to his draft billing.


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