Jonah Williams, OL, Alabama

Jonah Williams is a mauler as a run blocker. He holds the line of scrimmage in pass blocking as well. He has good size at 6-5 and 300 pounds. His strength is that when he gets his hands on you, he is able to stop you. I also think he has good lateral movement. Run blocking is his strength and it is best shown in the way that he is able to pull as a tackle. He may be too valuable as a tackle to move, but I think he would fit well as a guard for a team trying to get him on the field early.

Williams was exposed in the Clemson game in 2017 against Clelin Ferrell. This pass rusher showed that Williams needs to learn to square the defender better. Williams also needs to improve his hand usage. Williams was not able to keep Ferrell in check and that is a sign that he will have some trouble as a pass blocker at the next level. Although he dominated against lesser competition, I wanted to see him win the one on one battles against an NFL talent like Clelin Ferrell.

I think that Jonah Williams is a top 15 pick with the way he dominates in the run game and how he was able to dominate as a pass blocker against most of his competition. The reason I don’t have him as a top 5 pick is because of his matchup against a top 10 talent like Clelin Ferrell. I think Jonah Williams will come out this year as a redshirt sophomore and get picked in the first round. The team drafting him may want to develop him as a guard early in his career before they put him at left tackle.


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