Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky

Josh Allen is a pure speed rusher from the edge. His quickness off the edge and bend are something to write home about. He brings a good first step to that quickness. He also brings good linebacker skills. He is very good in coverage and he looks like he could matchup with many NFL tight ends. He was asked to drop into coverage a lot at Kentucky. He also brings decent run stopping skills. He showed on tape the ability to fill running lanes. He also showed the ability to tackle in space. There is no question that Allen is a good athlete and has good balance for his height. I also credit him with Kentucky being a surprise team in the SEC.

The problem I see in Allen’s game is that he will need more pass rush moves to win in the NFL. He will need more than a rip move and a speed rush to the outside. I see a player that is too upright in his pass-rushing technique and that might be due to him being 6’5. He will also need to be able to improve his hand fighting.

Josh Allen came back for his senior season and I think it paid off. He is starting to get into the Heisman conversation and there is talk of him being a top three pick. With his need to improve his pass rush arsenal, I have his value as a mid-first rounder. I think his pass rush problems are harder to fix for a coach than others are projecting. My guess at this point is that he will be picked in the top 10.


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