Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Kyler Murray was a prolific quarterback this year for the Oklahoma Sooners. It lead to him winning the Heisman trophy in 2018. He was a dynamic runner this year and that should carry over to the NFL. Murray also can throw on the run which makes him really a dual-threat quarterback. He also has a nice deep ball and he can really drop it in a bucket. What leads me to think he can be a first-round quarterback is his accuracy. It is very good.

There are some things that Murray will have to fix in his game. I noticed that Murray throws a wobbly ball. This can be dangerous in the NFL if it is not fixed right away. I also notice that Murray doesn’t get the ball out quick enough. Murray has average arm strength for an NFL quarterback but needs to put more zip on his passes. Mechanically, Murray needs to learn to step into his throws better. He also needs to work on his pocket awareness. I also think he needs to work with a coach on his decision-making.

Murray has some natural ability as a quarterback, but he also has some areas to fix. He won’t be able to start in the NFL right away and he might be better served sitting a year and learning from a veteran quarterback. I still think there are enough raw tools to draft in the first round. The fact that he has committed publicly to football makes him a late-first round candidate.


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