Hollywood Brown, WR, Oklahoma

There are some things to like about Hollywood Brown’s game. He is a fast receiver who plays in the slot. His strength is that he can both go over the middle and go deep. Besides being a deep threat, he can also use his speed as an open field runner. That translates into him being a good return man. I could see him both returning kicks and punts at the next level as he did that job situationally at Oklahoma. I also think he is a good yards after catch receiver.

The biggest weakness I see in Hollywood Brown’s game is that I don’t see him running a full route tree. He has the speed that you want, but I need to see him run some more complex routes to be considered a surefire first-round guy. The second problem that I see is that Brown is limited by size. I worry that he may just be a slot guy with his size. He is about 5’10-5’11 and about 160-170 pounds.

Brown is probably a late first rounder or an early second rounder. He is an electric receiver but his size and slot limitations make him a late first rounder at best. He has declared and teams will like that he is an underclassman. Teams will also be able to start him on day one in the slot.


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