Quinnen Williams, DL, Alabama

Quinnen Williams can do a lot for you in the pass rushing department. He is able to get regular pressure by pushing the pocket. He is a good hand fighter as a defensive lineman. He features a nice swim move to beat the lineman and can also feature a spin move. He also has some skills as a run defender. He gets off blocks well. He also is able to fill the running lanes in run defense. He is also able to help in that department by drawing double teams and occupying blockers. Williams has a good motor and also adds good tackling ability. He is a disruptor in major college football.

There are a few issues with Williams game. One, he seems to get a little jumpy at the line of scrimmage. He also doesn’t have the elite size needed in goal-line situations. I also notice in his technique that he seems to get too low which is opposite of what most defensive linemen struggle with. I also saw him get somewhat slowed down in the Ole Miss game. It wasn’t a terrible game, but his tape didn’t stand out the way it usually does.

Williams looks to be a college zero technique but I see him as a two-gapping defensive tackle in the NFL. I also think a 3-4 team could draft him to be a defensive end, although there are already a lot of other top 3-4 defensive ends at the top of this draft. Williams is a legitimate top-five pick as well as a day one starter.


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