Rashan Gary, DT, Michigan

Rashan Gary is a pass rusher that relies on his bend to get to the quarterback. He has a good first step and that is what will let him be successful at getting at the quarterback. He is able to line up all over the defensive line and is capable of executing stunts to the inside. He also can be moved to the inside in a subpackage. He also is the type of guy that can function in coverage. I do like his motor and that he runs to the football after the exchange.

Gary does come with some weaknesses which make him more of a project for the team that drafts him. His biggest weakness is his run defense. He seems overmatched by linemen and is not able to get off blocks well. I think his sack production is a bit inflated by not being blocked very well on his sacks. I think a problem is that he needs to work on his punch. I also think he needs to add an inside rip move to his pass rush arsenal.

I see Rashan Gary as a second round pick. He is a junior this year and thus he can come out for the draft. I think he will be a project for whatever team that drafts him. His best fit is as a 4-3 defensive end where he can use his size and speed to get after the quarterback. He does have experience moving to the inside on a subpackage.


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