T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa

TJ Hockenson is a complete tight end. He can be lined up anywhere from out wide, to the slot, as an in-line blocker, and in the backfield as a fullback. As a receiver, he is able to run fast and that helps him get open. He has a good catch radius and has good hands. He even shows the ability to make the sideline catch. I thought he also ran advanced routes for a tight end. As a blocker, he is aggressive. He is able to move well as a blocker. I like that he can pick up blocks in the open field. Overall, I would say he is a good blocker for a tight end and was asked to be an in-line blocker more than Noah Fant.

There are a lot more technical things that need to be cleaned up with TJ Hockenson. He does have some improvements that need to be made in his route running. He needs to work on his change of direction in route running. I also think he needs to get in and out of his breaks better. On the blocking side, he needs to square the defender better when blocking and also get lower and not block from such a high position.

Overall, Hockenson has all the tools to be a very good tight end in the NFL. I think with the lack of top end receivers in this draft, I think a tight end might be more attractive. I would say Hockenson is a mid-first rounder and that is very good for a tight end in today’s NFL. He can start right away with room to grow.


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