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Sunny in PHX Ep 177: Monty Williams and Darius Garland

Charlie Erling and Mitch Krmpotich discuss the Monty Williams press conference as well as what Darius Garland skipping the Combine means.

The Underdog Sports Fantasy Hour: The Finals Countdown

Josh and Anshu preview the NBA Finals, go through off-season storylines in the league, and play a little buy-sell with fantasy baseball

The Atlantic Files #128: Pascal Siakam Finals MVP

Mike and Alex welcome Brad Haider to the show to preview the NBA Finals, could Pascal Siakam win Finals MVP this year if Toronto wins it all

135. 2018-2019 TV Season Recap

On this expanded episode, Seth, Victor, and some special guests recap 10 separate TV series that had a season released on 2018-2019.

Fantasy Baseball + 2019 NFL playoff bets

Sean talks with Yahoo’s Dalton Del Don and Sean and Brad run through the will they and won’t they make the playoff odds. We also talk a bit

Episode 41: The Final Frontier

On this weeks episode, Zandrick and Tyler preview the NBA finals and then are joined by Kendall Baker of Axios to discuss RJ Hampton and more

The Potterhood Pocast #5: Horcruxes and What Not

Neko & Will deep dive into the topic of horcurxes, sort the great Malcolm X & more. Follow them on instagram at @Nekowhite93 & @Willpoznan

199.  Doug Christie, Sacramento Kings Broadcaster, former NBA Player

Former NBA shooting guard turned broadcaster Doug Christie joins the show.  Christie played in the NBA for 15 years and is currently a broadcaster.

Episode 14: Bad News in Boston

The fellas discuss Pedroia's knee, the mashing Minnesota Twins, Keuchel in pinstripes, and celebrate the life and career of Bill Buckner.