Daily Archives: May 1, 2019

195. John Kincade of 680 The FAN in Atlanta & CBS Sports Radio

Acclaimed broadcaster John Kincade joins the show this week. He has hosted middays on 680 the FAN in Atlanta since 2000.

The Potterhood Podcast

Neko and Will discuss Harry's lack of a "body count," Dumbledore's lack of a moral code, and James Potter's deficiencies. Wingardium Leviosa.

Sunny in PHX Ep 175: Ja Morant

David McGraw and Mitch Krmpotich deep dive into what Ja Morant would look like on the Suns and his fit and who the Suns would target at PF.

Episode 122: GoT Spoilers and the NFL Draft

On episode 122 of The Underdog Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna talk about episode three of Game of Thrones and the 2019 NFL Draft.

Schmidt Talking: What Do The Freshmen Need To Work

After an extremely successful first season, what do Kyle Lofton, Dominick Welch, and Osun Osunniyi need to work on this summer.

The Leftovers: NBA Playoff Semifinals and NFL Draft Recap

Josh, Anshu, and Dan preview the 2019 NFL Draft, discussing whether the Cardinals should bail on Josh Rosen, and who's going where.