Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

Mike McGlinchey
Mike McGlinchey has a real chance to be the first OL drafted this year.

When you turn on the tape of Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey, you see why many are picking him to be the first offensive linemen drafted. His power as an offensive lineman is undeniable. He is able to take on pass rushers and absorb the rush. He does well blocking interior linemen as sometimes they look like the smaller player. He also has good feet for a lineman and is able to meet pass rushers who rush to the outside. His demeanor is what you want as he can be somewhat of a bully as a run blocker. Another trait you have to like in McGlinchey is his quick hands. He does well with hand fighting on tape. He has good awareness as he sometimes comes off and blocks the pass rusher who has beaten his man. This recovery is impressive. He also does well picking up stunts.

His weakness is that he doesn’t always get squared on his man and sometimes this makes him look bad. On run blocking plays he can sometimes get lost and not find a man to block. There are other times where he is a bully blocking downfield though. He also seems to have some balance issues as he can get tripped up more easily than you would like.

Looking at his power and feet, you have to think he will be taken early in the draft. I already have him going above Cam Robinson and Garrett Boles did. I don’t think it will take as long for a lineman to be drafted in next year’s draft. If I had to guess, I would think he would go to the first team looking to add a lineman. His traits are there and he is a good fit to stay as a left tackle in the NFL. No team will want to convert those pass protecting traits.

Games Watched

  • USC (2016)
  • Miami (2016)
  • Stanford (2016)

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