This time on Create Your Shot:

Smallz and Tyler welcome on Professional Shooting Coach, Mike Dunn this week. Mike is a former player at Philadelphia University the best shooter in the history of the program. Mike goes into his journey, whether shooters need to play defense, the proper way to shoot a basketball and much more. Mike can be found on Instagram raining jumpers and shooting trick shots @seemikedunn and online at

0:28 — Tyler and Smallz intro
7:17 — Intro to Mike Dunn
9:59 — Mike’s evolution with social media and building a brand
13:15 — Journey in basketball and Mike’s college career
19:10 — HOW TO SHOOT
22:24 — working with struggling shooters
25:30 — Mike on Ben Simmons and other pro shooters
28:00 — Life changing moment in Mike’s life
33:27 — Inspirational mentors
36:51 — Building the brand
38:55 — Ultimate career goals and the next steps
42:00 — Coach Speak
53:50 — City Review – Manayunk, PA
1:00:29 — Ten Touches
1:07:43 — Parting Shots

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