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Smallz and Tyler shoot jumpers with Amanda Ottaway, author of The Rebounders: A Division I Basketball Journey and former Davidson basketball player. Amanda and the guys talk about going through coaching changes, the recruiting process, and the relationships that come out of playing college athletics. This week’s coach speak include’s Geno Auriemma and Pat Summit and Davidson, NC is the city review. Amanda can be found on twitter @Amandaottaway and her book can be found in Barnes and Noble and online at

:29 Tyler and Smallz introduction
13:30 Welcome Amanda Ottoway
21:07 The power struggle between coaches and players
24:29 The recruiting process and communication
29:28 Cultural difference between Davidson and Hollidaysburg, PA
34:58 Going through a coaching change at Davidson
44:07 Amanda on the value of teammate relationships
51:05 Ultimate career goals.
52:40 Coach Speak — Geno Auriemma and Pat Summit
1:01:15 City Review — Davidson, NC
1:08:03 Ten Touches
1:19:39 Parting Shots

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