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Smallz and Tyler welcome on Pete Lappas, assistant basketball coach at Farleigh Dickinson University. Pete is an old friend of Smallz’ and a former co-worker of Tyler’s and the guys talk and banter about a ton of topics. What was it like growing up with a dad who was a high major head coach, how has Pete created his own shot, does Smallz always pick up the check when he has dinners with friends and much much more. Coach speak this week includes Tubby Smith and Dave Odom and the city review is Manhattan in New York City. Pete can be found on twitter @Peterlappas.

:30 Tyler and Smallz Intro
6:53 Welcome on Pete Lappas
9:30 When did Pete decide he wanted to coach
17:00 The importance of winning and competing
24:05 Building credibility with players and staff members
32:38 Pete’s improvements between now and when he started
36:00 Networking and the advantages and disadvantages of having a father who was a coach
41:50 Coach Speak — Tubby Smith and Dave Odom
52:12 City Review — Manhattan NY, NY
57:47 Moneybag Smallz
59:43 Ten Touches
1:08:05 Parting Shots

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