Anthony Davis has retired once again

Anthony Davis
49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis has retired again. This time, it’s likely permanent.

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle informed the team that he had officially retired, again.

This is the second time in 15 months that Davis has retired from the NFL.

His announcement comes two weeks after we wrote this story about Davis potentially retiring from the 49ers.

Clearly fed up with Davis’ antics, the 49ers have issued the following no-frills statement.

“Offensive lineman Anthony Davis informed the team that he has retired from the National Football League,” the 49ers announced in a statement.

When Davis first retired from the NFL in June of 2015, it seemed like he was making a rational, thought-out choice.

“I just want my time and mind intact, when you lose em both, you can’t buy em back,” Davis tweeted shortly after the team announcement.

At that time he said he planned to return to the NFL and be the best right tackle in the NFL.

From the beginning, it seemed like his heart wasn’t in coming back.  Davis didn’t take part in any of the team’s offseason activities and applied for reinstatement just days before the start of training camp.

When he returned, it was clear that we weren’t looking at the Davis of old.  He was out of shape and barely resembled the player he once was.  Unable to win the starting right tackle position, he told the team’s offensive line coach that he would play anywhere on the line to help the team.

That lasted roughly a week.

Davis suffered a concussion during a padded practice on Thursday, Sept. 15.

It was then when Davis considered retiring again.

He came back to the team but stipulated that he would only be an offensive tackle moving forward.

With a history of concussions, perhaps Davis simply decided the game was no longer worth the risk of further injury.

If that’s the case, we can’t fault his decision to leave it once again.

“You look out and it’s a white fog,” Davis said. “Or just having simple conversation, you feel slowed down. . . . It’s scary when your brain is not working how it’s supposed to, and the culture of this league is big, tough guy.”


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