Anzejs Pasecniks (C, Gran Canaria)


Measurables: 7’2”, 229 lbs, 21.4 years old


  • Great explosive finisher around rim
  • Runs the floor in transition really well
  • Catches ball high out of PnR
  • Developing perimeter game, off bounce and as shooter
  • Nice touch around rim and on post shots
  • Agile on perimeter switching onto guards
  • Flashes of touch on perimeter are very interesting
  • Will likely continue to add strength to frame
  • Extremely mobile on defense combined with size/length


  • Pushed around on low block
  • Struggles with physicality near rim
  • Questionable footwork/IQ in PnR defense
  • Gets caught out of position on D
  • Not advanced as a rim protector despite size
  • Much more aggressive on O boards than D boards – needs to improve effort level on defensive glass
  • A lot of his floor game is very raw
  • Struggles to play strong at times
  • Poor stash candidate due to age
  • Poor free throw shooter – 62%


  • Pasecniks has a ton of upside on both ends of the floor, but he needs to get a lot smarter and a lot stronger. With NBA coaching and training that should be possible, and the outlines of a highly effective player are there. He’s flashed some perimeter game on offense, and combining this with his rolling ability could make him an awesome player. His athleticism can’t be taught and he’s got a good foundation for the rest of his game. His skill set should allow him to be a very useful player if he is coached up and bulked up.


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