Episode #71 of the Atlantic Files Podcast

Episode 71 of the Atlantic Files is here to talk about the city that the Drake guy is from. Yes, that city. The one with the team named after dinosaurs. The Raptors, while having one of the more interesting names, are one of the more boring teams in the Atlantic Division. They may be second place in the division and one of the perennial playoff contenders, but in terms of this division, they are boring.

OG Anunoby has been an under the radar player in Toronto. He has turned into one of their better defenders, and a huge injection of energy into the starting lineup. Who else helps this team that is not named Kyle Lowry or DeMar DeRozan?

The New York Knicks are breaking through many expectations set for them this season. The leader of that battering ram has been the unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis. How bad are they on the road compared to at home though?

Finally, the Philadelphia 76ers have also been a fun and exciting team. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid have been better than anyone expected at this point. Why are people asking for Brett Brown to be fired then? Listen and find out all of the answers to these questions!

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Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia, it was hard not to become a Sixers fan during Allen Iverson's prime. Other than just the Sixers, I enjoy watching all forms and levels of basketball, especially the WNBA. Outside of basketball, I've been playing and coaching volleyball for most of my life. Also, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, I became a Software Developer by day, while writing and hosting podcasts by night.


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