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Being from the suburbs of Philadelphia, it was hard not to become a Sixers fan during Allen Iverson's prime. Other than just the Sixers, I enjoy watching all forms and levels of basketball, especially the WNBA. Outside of basketball, I've been playing and coaching volleyball for most of my life. Also, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, I became a Software Developer by day, while writing and hosting podcasts by night.

The Atlantic Files #145: Spencer Dinwiddie’s Lob City

Mike and Alex welcome Dennis Clausen back to the show to discuss the Brooklyn Nets sluggish start and Spencer Dinwiddie throwing lobs

The Atlantic Files #144: Kyrie Irving potential MVP

The NBA season has finally arrived, all of the Atlantic teams have played so Mike and Alex talk about how they looked in their first action

The Atlantic Files #143: Atlantic Division Preview

Mike and Alex finish off the division preview series with the best division in the league, the Atlantic Division. Plus, some playoff guesses

The Atlantic Files #142: Central Division preview

Mike and Alex continue the division preview series with the MVP Giannis Antetoukounmpo, the Bucks, and the Central Division of the East.

The Atlantic Files #141: Southeast Division Preview

Mike and Alex preview the Southeast Division ahead of the new season. Will the Orlando Magic be the only playoff team from the division?

The Atlantic Files #140: Pacific Division Preview

Mike and Alex welcome BJ Boyer of the Lakers Lair podcast to talk about the Pacific Division and preview the madness in Los Angeles.

The Atlantic Files #139: Southwest Division Preview

Mike and Alex breakdown the Southwest division with two superstars and the top two picks of the 2019 NBA Draft, who's going to win?

The Atlantic Files #138: Northwest Division Preview

Year in Review series is done which means Alex and Mike are on to the division preview series as we gear up for a new, exciting year

The Atlantic Files #137: New York Knicks year in review

The New York Knicks are down at the bottom of the East yet again, Mike and Alex discuss if that will continue or if that will change soon.