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Born, raised, and returned to Cleveland, Ohio. Constantly trying to recover from childhood heartbreak courtesy of the ’97 World Series. Daniel is a lawyer by day, sportswriter by lunch break. His goal is to write pieces that make you remember why sports matter so much to us, and if they make you laugh, cry, or both, he calls it a success.

The Leftovers: The Last Leftovers

FULL DISCLOSURE: HOST'S SOUND ISN'T GREAT. We wanted to post this anyway, it was from the heart and Dan Bower's last show, heavy Cleveland

The Leftovers: All-Stars On The Move

Josh and Anshu recap the MLB All-star events, then give their in-depth analysis of the wild NBA free agency moves in recent weeks.

The Leftovers: NBA Season Never Stops

Josh and Anshu preview the upcoming NBA Free Agency and predict who will end up where, then recap last week's NBA Draft selections.

The Leftovers: Eloy Starts Cross-Town With Bang

Josh and Anshu react to game 1 of the cross-town classic, then go all-in discussing the NBA Free Agency rumor mill leading up to the draft

The Leftovers: Buck-et List

Anshu and Dan riff on the Eastern Conference Finals Best-of-3, and take stock of the AL and NL Central at the quarter-season mark.

The Leftovers: Blazers Beilein From Playoffs

Josh, Anshu and Dan talk conference finals, John Beilein to the Cavs, and the release of Gerald McCoy by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Leftovers: We’re On To The Draft

Josh and Anshu talk NBA Conference Finals, give their reactions to the NBA Draft Lottery, and reflect on the first quarter of the MLB season.

The Leftovers: NBA Semifinals Action

Josh and Anshu discuss the NBA playoffs. Who's up (Lillard, Giannis), who's down (Simmons, KD's calf), and who will wind up on top (:-o)?

The Leftovers: NBA Playoff Semifinals and NFL Draft Recap

Josh, Anshu, and Dan preview the 2019 NFL Draft, discussing whether the Cardinals should bail on Josh Rosen, and who's going where.