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Darren comes from a family of writers. All of whom are still trying to figure out what went wrong. He lives in London and struggles to stay awake long enough to watch his Dallas sports team underachieve. He's also really into musical theater but hasn't found an outlet for this yet.

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts: 9/25

Every year the NFL makes the trek across the pond to entertain the masses in London. Tea in the harbor folks, it’s gonna be good.

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts From Week One

Week 1 SHOCKERS! No, not shockers. Predictable, foreseeable and foregone conclusions. Don’t be so dramatic.

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts

It’s autumn and nothing could be more American than college football. Of course, that means that it’s probably pretty weird to the rest of world.

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts: February 13th

The argument with which every American and Brit should be acquainted with before cultural exchange. Trump and May weren’t and look how that ended up!

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts: February 6th

A dirge for the Atlanta Falcons. You deserved better. But don’t worry, only six months until next year!

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts: January 23rd – totally not sponsored by Huawei

Tom Brady
In his Three Deep(ish) Thoughts column this week, it's safe to say that Darren Baldwin is sick and tired of hearing about Tom Brady.

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts: January 17th

After staying up until two in the morning watching football, I share some thoughts on the game we love and how we can improve it.

Three Deep(ish) Thoughts: January 10th

The first weekend of the NFL playoffs is in the books and It is time for armchair quarterbacks all over to give their take. Here's my three deep(ish) thoughts.