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I am an aspiring CPA and die-hard sports fan. My teams are the Steelers, Penguins, and Red Sox. Love to spend Sundays watching the NFL. Look out for NFL Draft Profiles this offseason!

Tarvarus McFadden NFL Draft Profile

Florida State’s Tarvarus McFadden is being mocked in the first round, but I think his coverage skills knock him into the second round.

Deshaun Watson Impresses

Deshaun Watson has impressed as the Texans Quarterback despite many draftniks saying that his college success does not translate to the NFL.

Calling Football Players “Spoiled Athletes”

President Trump called NFL players “spoiled” and it has caused fury. Maybe we should think about the sacrifices players make so that we can enjoy the game we love.

Post Week Two Draft Winners

As we head to the 3rd week of the season it is good to look back at the players who have succeeded early in their careers. Remember we’re only two weeks in.

Mike McGlinchey NFL Draft Profile

Here we look into the often projected number one lineman in next years draft. McGlinchey has the power and feet that teams covet in their pass protector.

Preseason Rust

There is a tradeoff in playing your starters in the preseason. On one hand, they will be sharper in the first game. On the other hand, you expose them to injury risk.

Baker Mayfield NFL Draft Profile

Baker Mayfield is an interesting prospect who has a strong arm and can extend plays with his feet. His arrest and ability to process information quickly are his question marks.

Jake Browning NFL Draft Profile

Jake Browning is a potential NFL quarterback who has been leading the PAC 12 champion Washington Huskies. His accuracy as a passer is his best quality.

Baseball Needs Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow went from being a failed NFL quarterback to a minor league baseball player. His iconic status he gained in college is what Baseball needs.