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Eric Watkins is a college student and high school referee with a passion for children, sports, and politics. Coming from neutral sports territory, he supports the Cincinnati Reds, Columbus Blue Jackets, Auburn Tigers, along with NASCAR and Formula One. Every season is an adventure, one that he always hopes will deliver a championship to his favorite teams.

The NBA and NFL Are Thug Leagues

Detailing the thug leagues and toxic culture that define the NBA and NFL, which are two leagues that smear the name of all athletes.

Sports Have Taught Me to Believe and Have Faith

Providing testimony and encouragement for the fans who may not have much faith in their teams with why I have faith in my teams

An Injury Bug Is Nested In The Queen City

Discussing the Reds hope of having a healthy roster after the All-Star Break, just to receive two quick injuries in the process.

Management Is Focused On 2019, Reds Fans Are Still 2018 Hopefuls

An article that details the hope for the second half of the MLB regular season for Reds fans, even if the management is looking to 2019

MLB’s Trade Deadline Is Extra Stressful For Cincinnati

Summarizing the Cincinnati Reds journey from being 8-27 on May 7th and their sudden situation heading into the trade deadline