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Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 11 – Playoff Surprises

The guys provide a recap of the first round surprises and their off-season implications. They also look at second round match-ups.

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 10 – Playoff Palooza

The 2018 NBA Playoffs are finally here! The guys get into series predictions and x-factors, with their typical wedding planning woes.

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 9 – Injury Bug!

The guys discuss the injury bug and how it will affect the Celtics and the Warriors in the playoffs. Also, more wedding invitation trouble!

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 8 – Playoff Push!

The guys discuss the proposed 1 through 16 playoff seeding, and East vs West teams. Also, they say what goes into a wedding guest list.

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 7 – All-Star Weekend!

Felix John-Baptiste takes us behind the scenes on his time in LA during All-Star Weekend. The boys discuss more wedding drama!

Episode 6 – Trade Deadline!

The guys discuss all things trade deadline around the Knicks, Cavs, Lakers & OKC. They also discuss their wedding guestlists & invites.

Episode 5 – Chaos in the NBA!

The guys discuss the chaos going on in the league surrounding LeBron, Kawhi and Jason Kidd. The also touch on the Rockets going streaking.

Episode 4 – Stephen Curry is Back!

The guys discuss the return of Stephen Curry & the Rockets recent struggles. They also discuss OKC's recent play & more wedding planning.

Pump Fake To The Altar: Episode 3

In this episode, Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen discuss the currently hot Cavs as well as their post-engagement activities.