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Kaiser’s Draft Notes VIII: Per 40 Fun

The purpose of this piece is to try to find per 40 patterns that lead to future NBA success. Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals all included.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes VII: Unassisted Offense

Why self generated offense and unassisted makes are important to consider in evaluating NBA draft prospects and more specifically perimeter players.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes VI: Ways To Bring Value

An Investigation into four types of Players most likely to Bring Star-Level NBA Value. Primary Perimeter Initiators. Two-Way Players. Defensive Centers.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes V: Bigs Past & Present

A look at the Top Bigs past and present through the lens of key Per 40 statistics. Namely Assists, Steals, Rebounds, Blocks plus FGA And FTA.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes IV: The Uses of DRtg

A look at 2016 NCAA Prospects through the lens of ORtg, DRtg and Net Rating. Also, a study of what this methodology meant for current NBA stars.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes III : A Look at the Past

A look back at past NBA drafts, 2003 to 2013, to identify what kinds of players become Top 10 guys.

Potentially Useful Ratio of the Week: Assist Percentage to Usage Percentage

Kaiser Lindeman looks at the Assist Percentage to Usage Percentage stat and uses it to show us how it can be useful in evaluating college prospects true passing ability.

One Place Where One-Size-Fits-All NBA Draft Projections Get It Wrong

Kaiser Lindeman talks about the inherent troubles in applying One-size-fits-all NBA draft projections to NBA draft prospects.