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Luke Field is a fan of competition with a special place in his heart for the wonderful, unique and brutal world of boxing. Born in Edmonton and raised in Calgary, Alberta there is also plenty of room in his heart for hockey. His favourite team is the Calgary Flames and favourite boxer is Marcos Maidana.

Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy: Will it materialize and is it good for boxing?

The world holds it's breath as Soulja Boy challenges Chris Brown to a celebrity boxing match for both charity and relevancy.

Vasyl Lomachenko: a sweeter science.

In the often brutal world of boxing, Vasyl Lomachenko is doing his part to prove that the 'sweet' and the 'science' can exist exclusively.

A beginners guide to the wonderful world of pari-mutuel horse wagering!

So you want to bet on horse racing but don’t know where to start? Inside you'll find the basic ins and outs of betting on the ponies.

Why is Adrien Broner Lying?

They might be all set to clash this February 18th, but why is Adrien Broner claiming he has never met Adrian Granados?

Frampton, Santa Cruz show how to schedule

In the midst of a disappointing year, bright spots Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz prove quick resolutions are more than capable when you fight for glory.