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Although he's Canadian, he was born on a bandwagon and actively roots for the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, and the New York Rangers. Presently he is considering taking up an interest in Duke basketball.

Missing Person Report: Jose Reyes

33-year-old Dominican native Jose Reyes has been reported missing. Please contact the New York Mets with any information on his whereabouts.

World Baseball Classic Recap

The United States finally wins the World Baseball Classic, possibly invigorating American interest into the fledgling international competition.

The Complicated Legacy of José Fernandez

His future looking ever so bright, the young ace was shockingly taken from us, due to his own actions. So how should we remember him?

Should You Care About The World Baseball Classic?

The tradition continues as a way for MLB to market the game internationally. But should the average American give it much thought?

How To Speed Up The Game

Automating the free pass may save a few seconds here and there. Are there any groundbreaking new rules which could save even more time?

A Brief History of Spring Training

How is it that teams just decided "Screw it, let's get ready in a sunny, warm climate, instead of this snow-covered frozen hellhole?

Surprise! McCutchen Still A Pirate

Asked if he was surprised to still find himself a Pirate, he said that if he'd been asked before the winter meetings, he'd have said yes.

Random Stats!

Did you know that a team once had more wins in a season than home runs? Suspend your disbelief as I take you on a journey of randomness!

Begin Extras With a Runner on 2nd?

Increasing the pace of the game is paramount to MLB, and maybe even the future of the game. How far are they willing to go?