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Nevin Kelly is a tried and true sports fanatic born and raised on the outskirts of Boston. Growing up in a home where Paul Pierce and Ty Law were practically religious figures, he learned quickly to either love it or leave it when it came to the life of a passionate diehard. Nevin mainly follows the NBA, the NFL, the Red Sox and the UFC but still doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to any and all sports stories.

Free Agency for the NBA’s Middle Class

LeBron was obviously the big fish this summer. Let us shed some light on the small pond that is the NBA's working class free agents.

The Humble Opinion of Yoel Romero

It was an epic rematch between Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker even with no Title on the line, but who's to blame for the missed weight?

J.R. Smith and the Game 1 Debacle

It's fair and easy to point at J.R. Smith for the Cavaliers meltdown in game 1, but who's really to blame for the lack of focus in the loss?