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The NBA Finals + MLB and Pass Interference Reviews

Brad is back this week! We tie a ribbon on the NBA finals and recent NBA offseason moves. We also discuss the state of the MLB and NFL PI

NBA Draft and the AD Trade

Sean and Sam dig discuss the Lakers and Pelicans AD deal, what it means for both teams and then dig into the NBA Draft. Give us a listen!

MLB Division Winner and Fantasy Check-in

Sean brings Eric Zimmerman in to talk about fantasy baseball as the NFL and NBA are sleeping. Eric and Sean talk all things MLB.

NBA Finals Talk and Odds

Sean and Sam dig into the NBA finals and talk about Toronto’s victory. Sean also brings Dave Mason on to talk about the finals and gambling.

NBA Finals + Tyreek and Wentz

Sean talks and Brad talk about Durant, Game 5 and what is in store for the rest of the finals and beyond. This has a fun finals.

NBA Finals + French Open and John Wick Spoilers

Sean and Sam dig into the NBA finals, then talk about a number of topics ranging from the French Open to the NFL and of course, John Wick!

NBA Finals + Todd Gurley and Tyreek Hill

Sean talks and Brad talk about the NBA Finals, what it would take for Golden State to lose and then dig into some of the NFL off season questions.

NBA Finals Talk

Sean and Sam talk about the matchup between Golden State and Toronto. We also get into the whole Drake thing. We’re both sick of it.

Fantasy Baseball + 2019 NFL playoff bets

Sean talks with Yahoo’s Dalton Del Don and Sean and Brad run through the will they and won’t they make the playoff odds. We also talk a bit