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An avid eSports fan ever since friends introduced him to the competetive side of gaming a few years back. As an English student, he's learned how to analyze efficiently, and he likes to utilize those skills to combine two pastimes, gaming and reading. Timothy has been writing articles for his own blogs over the years, most of which are currently inactive or simply do not exist anymore. You can expect a lot of talk about League of Legends and Overwatch from him, as it's his favorite competitive game.

LCS Week 1 Rundown:

The first week of the LCS competitions is over, how is the new patch treating the different teams and what can we tell about the new meta game?

Western Off-Season (Spring-Summer)

The current off-season may not have been as exciting as the last one in terms of roster changes, but there were still some notable changes in the western leagues.

MSI Finals

Correct predictions, surprising results and all of the regions going forward.

MSI Group Stage

Only two teams made strides to cross the finish lines, while the other 4 teams fought a desperate battle for 3rd and 4th place, what exacly happened at the event?

MSI Play-In Stage and Group Stage Predicted Rankings

The Play-In stages are over, all of the major regions will be represented at the group stages while only one wildcard was played over the course of the first week of MSI.

2017 Spring LCS Finals Round-up and the looming Mid-Season Invitationals

NA and EU have crowned their champions and put forward their MSI representatives. Will they perform at MSI or will they fall just short of expectations?

LCS Semi-Finals Round-Up

The victors of the semi-finals have emerged, the season-long competition is heading for its final clashes for the coveted chance to represent the winner's region at the Mid-Season Invitationals in China.

EU LCS Promotion Tournament

The EU LCS Summer Promotion Tournament is finally over and the final results surprised everyone, what ended up happening to the veteran EU LCS teams and how did everything go down?

LCS Quarterfinals Round-Up

The NA and EU LCS Quarterfinals are over as 4 teams head into the semi-finals, which teams got through and how did they get there in the end?