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The Hangtime Podcast: Kung-Fu Karl

Kiah and Will discuss the Lakers, the Warriors, Dion Waiters, and notorious bad-boy Karl Anthony Towns. @kstokes41 @willpoznan

The Potterhood Podcast #24: The Dumbledore Debate w/ Justin Zagri

Neko and Will invite on special guest Justin Zagri a director, producer, and all around creative at Broad Strokes Media @justinzdirector

The Potterhood Podcast #23: Dumbledore’s Upholstered Robes

Neko White and Will Poznan compare Gilderoy Lockhart's evil to Lucius Malfoy's. They sort Mystique and Storm from the X Men. Great episode!

The Hangtime Podcast: The NBA Games and NBA Fights

Will and Kiah talk about their first impressions of a few new teams and deep dive in to the Embiid - Towns fight. @kstokes41 @willpoznan

The Potterhood Podcast #22: Go to Neko’s Taping if you’re in NYC!

This is a great episode. If you love the podcast and live in NYC go to this link to see Neko do stand up.

The Potterhood Podcast #21: Malfoy Matters

@nekowhite93 @willpoznan @maxmarcuscomedy Will asks Neko which Harry Potter character would fare best a NYC Public School. Enjoy

The Hangtime Podcast: Good Luck “The Brow”

Kiah and Will discuss the WNBA finals, and the start to the NBA season. Kiah checks Will's ridiculous opinions on Zion and Anthony Davis.

The Potterhood Podcast #20: The Lupin Deep Dive

Neko White and Will Poznan go in to Lupin's backstory, and discuss why he is such a great character. They also posit a great duel or die.

The Potterhood Podcast #19: The Sorting of Tekashi 69

Neko White and Will Poznan dive in to an interesting duel or die between Sirius and Barty Crouch Jr. @nekowhite93 & @willpoznan