Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

baker mayfield
Baker Mayfield is an exciting quarterback for the Sooners.

Baker Mayfield is a fun player to watch with an aggressive playing style. That aggressive style led him to be a finalist for the Heisman Trophy. His strong arm is going to be an asset at the next level and it gives him some potential to throw the deep ball in the NFL. Although I would not call him an outright running quarterback, he is quick around the pocket to buy himself time to throw. He can extend plays with his feet and can throw on the run. He did at times execute quick slants and screens when the play design called for it.

On the downside, he was arrested for public intoxication and pled down his resisting arrest charge. The incident was caught on video and has brought questions about his off-the-field activity. I think his responsible responses show that teams will be able to see that he has learned from it. He also has a problem with how much he holds onto the ball. He seems to get away with waiting for receivers to get open and scrambling out of the play. He will need to show NFL teams that he can process information quicker if he wants to be a high draft pick.

I think in other years he would be considered an early pick with some developmental room. His production in college and strong arm will interest teams in the same way Patrick Mahomes did. However, he will have to develop some and learn to process information better. He will not be able to attend the combine and his off-the-field issues will be called into question in the draft process. He is a particularly hard prospect to project as he could be as high as a franchise pick but has the off-the-field issues that will make teams question his leadership. I think his holding onto the ball will also look unfavorably and so my best guess is that he is a second-round pick.

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