Where is the best place for Dez Bryant to sign?


It’s clear that Dez Bryant is entering a different stage of his career. I’d be surprised if he landed a HUGE contract, so I’m looking at teams that would sign him to a more reasonable contract (or perhaps a 1 year, “prove it” deal). Perhaps I’m wrong though and he scores a massive deal elsewhere though.

(3) Baltimore Ravens

Dez Bryant
Dez Bryant has been tied to the Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens had arguably the worst WR corps in the league last season, ranking dead last in yards/attempt and yards/completion. The team already signed Michael Crabtree and John Brown to help remedy that, but adding another veteran like Dez Bryant may prevent the franchise from forcing a WR pick in round one. In my mind, there aren’t any real WR prospects worthy of a high pick this year; they may be better off drafting a lower-cost upside play in R2-R3 instead.

(2) New York Giants

The Giants had previously signed big Brandon Marshall to be their possession/redzone threat, but Marshall is 34 years old now and no longer that effective. Dez Bryant isn’t in his prime either, but he’s 5 years younger and presumably has more left in the tank. Better yet, he’d be motivated to prove divisional rival Dallas wrong. I don’t know if Pat Shurmur signed up for an Odell Beckham+Dez Bryant locker room, but it would still be a dangerous pair for defenders.

(1) Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are going through a rebuild, but this is still a team that can make the playoffs with a few breaks. Right now, they have two good receivers in Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett, but they’re both on the smaller side at 5’10”. Bryant could replace Paul Richardson on the outside, and be a nice redzone target for the team. After losing TE Jimmy Graham as well, his size would come in handy inside the 10.

Your take

I ran through this quickly so I’m sure I’m forgetting some element or some obvious fit out there. Discount deal to chase a title with NE or GB? Helping out Julio in the redzone in ATL? Or is there still a team with cap money to burn? Let me know!

UPDATE: Didn’t see this at the time, but ESPN’s Mike Triplett wrote an article that listed BUF, GB, BAL, and NO as the top options. SF has also been a common response in the comments so far.


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