Cameron Oliver (PF, Nevada)


Measurables: 6’8”, 7’1” wingspan, 238 lbs, 20.9 years old


  • Very good shooter who is confident and gets 3-ball off quickly – 37% on 233 college attempts
  • Strength and athleticism shows up all over the floor
  • Shot blocking ability is incredible – 8.7 BLK% for career
  • Powerful and useful in transition
  • Decent enough rebounder to hold up at power forward – 15.4 TRB% over 2 years
  • Very unique prospect – 3-point/shot blocking combo is rare
  • Developing off-the-dribble game
  • Great defensive mobility – very capable of switching onto guards
  • Can sit down and slide, use length to contest
  • Instinctual cutter on offense – uses shooting threat to get behind D
  • Some flashes of passing – 11.9 AST% up from 6.0 as freshman
  • 75% shooting at rim – very good sign
  • Putback dunk threat
  • Tested very well at combine – long for stretch 4, vertical numbers showed explosiveness
  • One of the most physically ready players in this draft


  • Would be nice if he was a couple inches taller
  • FT% in the high 60s is slight red flag for shooting
  • Doesn’t get to line as much as he should
  • Basketball IQ – esp on defense – needs improvement
  • Defensive discipline – gets jumpy like some elite athletic shot blockers
  • Needs to stay out of foul trouble – 17 games with 4+ fouls last year
  • Plays listlessly at times on both ends
  • Below average on 2-point outside rim – 36.7%
  • Needs to cut down turnover issues – 14.3 TOV%
  • Polish/ball-handling on offense needs work
  • Settles for too many mid-range looks
  • 7 FTA/40 – doesn’t get all the way to rim at times
  • Poor positioning in post defense – DIQ needs to improve
  • Inconsistent overall – needs to show up game to game
  • Given frame/explosiveness, could rebound better – 15.4 TRB% is fairly mediocre


  • With his combination of shooting, shot blocking, and athleticism, Oliver will be a steal anywhere outside of the lottery. He’s young, bouncy, and has the very realistic upside to be a phenomenal 3 and D power forward. Forwards who can protect the rim and shoot are incredibly valuable role players at the NBA level. He’s also got just enough size, length, and reach to slide to the small ball 5 for a few minutes each game. His combination of shooting shot blocking and athleticism could be incredibly valuable in that role. However, he needs to improve his ball handling and passing vision in order to punish defenses for closing out, and also improve his pull-up game. Still, if Oliver slips to the 2nd, any team who picks him up will be getting extremely lucky.


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