Johnny Gaudreau has been impressive

Johnny Gaudreau
Can Johnny Gaudreau win the Art Ross?

You know who is on a tear right now? Johnny Hockey is on a tear right now.

In a game which is consistently being described as ‘bigger and faster,’ Johnny Gaudreau continues to produce at a high level despite being the size of 10th grader. And I mean that in no disrespect. In fact, it makes this whole thing even more impressive.

Look at a guy like Doug Flutie. Dude was legit. But what Flutie did, given his physical attributes speaks volumes compared to a player like Cam Newton who marks the door frame at 6’6″. Some say give Flutie another six inches and he could’ve been one of the best ever.

It’s a different game from down low. Elbows are always in your face. The slightest push seems to mysteriously have the force of an elephant behind it. Hell, just having the stones to drive the net in the NHL being a guy of diminutive stature is worthy of a stick tap.

But Johnny is getting. It. Done. He’s currently boasting 235 points in 253 career games. Those are phenomenal numbers, let alone NHL numbers.

But can Gaudreau beat out the likes of McDavid, Crosby, Stamkos, et al? It sure feels that if he ever has a shot, this is the year to do so. With Edmonton back in the gutter and Crosby likely feeling the effects of winning two straight Stanley Cups and a World Hockey Championships, Gaudreau is currently sitting third in league scoring behind the dynamic duo Stamkos and Kucherov.

While Gaudreau is likely never going to win the Rocket, his slippery escapability and smooth passing definitely present a strong argument he could top the league in overall scoring by racking up assists. I can honestly see his career going in the direction of a mini, beardless Joe Thornton the way he dishes the puck.

The only issue for Gaudreau may be the rate at which Calgary scores. Currently, they sit 17th in goals-for per game. No surprise here, but number 1 and 2 in league scoring, Stamkos, and Kucherov, belong to the Tampa Bay Lightning who currently hold top spot in goals scored per game at 3.90, more than a full goal higher per game than the Flames.

But who knows? Crazier things have happened. I for one would not be shocked to see the little man from Salem take home some hardware next spring.

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