Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Patrick Beverley All-Stars

This piece goes in depth to find this year's Patrick Beverley All-Stars. Off-ball offensive players with ball skills and Point-of-Attack defensive ability.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: How To Beat the 2016-17 Houston Rockets

A piece about Patrick Beverley, his impact on the Houston Rockets and ways to perhaps begin a game plan against this powerhouse.
Kamar Baldwin

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Kamar Baldwin

This is a piece about Kamar Baldwin, surprising Freshman Combo Guard, and why, as of now, he should reasonably be considered a first round draft prospect.
Klay Thompson

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Drafting For Fit in the NBA

This piece will deal with what "Drafting For Fit" should mean and look at some instances where it's appropriate, or even advisable.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: De’Aaron Fox

This piece will explore De'Aaron Fox, his lack of strength and jump shooting. It will also look at Josh Jackson's jumper and try to put it into context.

The 2016-17 Houston Rockets, Defense and Passing

This piece will attempt to examine 2016-17 Houston Rockets, how offense can lead to defense and also the influence of passing.

What Draymond Can Teach Us About Lonzo Ball

This piece examines Draymond Green and concepts of team fit and what Draymond Green's success might mean in terms of the NBA future of Lonzo Ball

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Chris Clarke

This piece focuses on Virginia Tech's Chris Clarke. Perhaps the most underrated player of the draft season so far. Everything but the J.

Magic Jumpshots: The Richard Hamilton Addendum

This piece once again examines the effect of a jump shooter's movement on an offense, specifically by looking at Richard Hamilton.