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Offseason Blueprint: Minnesota Vikings

From figuring out what to do with the Bradford/Bridgewater situation, to adding young players to the O-Line, we look at how to fix the Minnesota Vikings.

Offseason Blueprint: San Diego Chargers

From bringing in the right coach to fixing the offensive line, to building around Joey Bosa, we look at how to fix the San Diego Chargers.

Offseason Blueprint: Cleveland Browns

From skipping a quarterback in the draft, to trading back, to improving the defense, we look at how to fix the Cleveland Browns.

Offseason Blueprint: Philadelphia Eagles

From trimming the fat of excess veterans to finding a playmaker in the draft, to continuing to improve the defense, we look at how to fix the Eagles.

Offseason Blueprint: San Francisco 49ers

From tweaks on the coaching staff, the upgrading the defensive line, to bringing in a new quarterback, we look at how to fix the San Francisco 49ers.

Offseason Blueprint: Cincinnati Bengals

Unlike some of the teams that have come before, for the Bengals righting the team's direction will come down to some minor tweaks, not a major overhaul.

Offseason Blueprint: Jacksonville Jaguars

From moving on from Blake Bortles to finding the right coach, to building up the staff, we look at how to fix the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Offseason Blueprint: N.Y. Jets

From ridding themselves of a handful of players to addressing the QB situation, to nailing the draft, we look at how to fix the New York Jets.

Offseason Blueprint: L.A. Rams

From the coaching staff, to free agency, to the draft, we take a step-by-step look at how to rebuild the L.A. Rams from the bottom up.