142: “Should Have Been” Interceptions, NFL News, and Other Musings

Walt and Kenny discuss the recent NFL signings and happenings and Kenny dives into his annual "Should Have Been" interceptions list.

141: Vegas Prop Bets, Brandin Cooks, Lev Bell

Walt and Kenny discuss all of Walt's Vegas Prop Bets as well as talking about the Brandin Cooks signing and the Lev Bell non-signing. Enjoy!

College World Series: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Reviewing the good, the bad, & the Ugly of the 2018 college world series, including the clutch hits, all of the miscues, and much more

Amy Palcic on Running the World of an NFL PR Department

A rare, wide-ranging conversation with Amy Palcic, the first woman to run an NFL PR department.

138: Top 5 Worst Things About the NFL, T.O. Skips HoF, NFL News

Walt and Kenny discuss the Top 5 Worst Things About the NFL that they wish would change, T.O. Skipping the HoF ceremony, and NFL News.

137: The 2018 Top 10 Most “High Risk-High Reward” Fantasy Player

Walt and Kenny discuss their Top 10 Most Pivotal "High Risk, High Reward" Fantasy Players for the 2018 season as well as discussing NFL News.

The Fascinating NFL Afterlife of D’Brickashaw Ferguson

When former Jets left tackle D’Brickashaw Ferguson retired two years ago at age 32 in the midst of a storied, injury-free career, the news was stunning for many.

136: Walt’s Wedding, NFL News / Signings, and the NBA Finals

Kenny and Walt discuss Walt's Wedding, all the NFL News and Signings, and the upcoming NBA Finals between the Cavs & Warriors.

Navigating the NFL’s Shameful New Anthem Policy

n this special edition of the TFG Pod, Melissa shares her views on the deeply disturbing new anthem policy wrong, and the possible ramifications for the NFL.