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Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Updated Ranking

This piece is an updated draft ranking, sticking mostly to the top 13 draft prospects. Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, De'Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson, et al.
Chris Paul

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Predictive Indicators of Initiators

This piece looks at some predictive indicators for primary initiators, including turnovers, assist-to-turnover ratio, steals and the ability to score.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Pre-Tournament Top 25 Ranking (2017)

In advance of the NCAA Tournament, this is my first substantial draft ranking of the year. As always, just looking at NCAA players.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Josh Jackson

This piece is about Josh Jackson, an athletic Wing with two-way potential who figures to go in the lottery in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Bigs in the 2017 NBA Draft

This piece is about the Bigs in the 2017 NBA Draft, starting with Robert Williams and Zach Collins and moving on down the line.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: Jemerrio Jones

This piece is about Jemerrio Jones, not only a 2018 NBA draft prospect who deserves notice but one with perhaps the most interesting stat line in the NCAA.
T.J. McConnell

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: T.J. McConnell

This piece will focus on T.J. McConnell, his recent passing success, and what it means for Lonzo Ball and the 2017 NBA Draft.

Kaisers Draft Notes: Pull-Up Jumpers

This piece will deal with pull-up jumpshots, what they mean for NBA offense, for individual players and for the 2017 NBA draft's prospects.

Kaiser’s Draft Notes: The Wrong Initiator

This piece is about the differences in the NBA today and of twenty years ago. Especially on offense, hinting at why choosing the right initiator matters.