Franchising Comes to Chinese LoL

On Saturday, the LPL announced its renouncement of relegation. What will it mean for esports?

2017 Spring LCS Finals Round-up and the looming Mid-Season Invitationals

NA and EU have crowned their champions and put forward their MSI representatives. Will they perform at MSI or will they fall just short of expectations?

HGC Match of the Week: RPG vs. CE

The 4th week of Heroes action is about to kick off. Let’s take a look at the eastern region’s featured match.

In Need of a Miracle: The Other MVP

Going into the second half of HGC, MVP Miracle need to make a change.

LCS Semi-Finals Round-Up

The victors of the semi-finals have emerged, the season-long competition is heading for its final clashes for the coveted chance to represent the winner's region at the Mid-Season Invitationals in China.

LCS Quarterfinals Round-Up

The NA and EU LCS Quarterfinals are over as 4 teams head into the semi-finals, which teams got through and how did they get there in the end?

NA Promotion Tournament Round-Up:

Last weekend, the bottom two NA LCS teams and the top two NACS teams went at each other in the promotion series, how did things turn out for all teams?

The Masters of Paladins

The Masters of Paladins are coming to Atlanta. After three weeks of grueling qualifiers, only nine teams remain.

EU LCS Round-Up:

The dreams of a perfect split and a single teams playoff runs ended along with the EU LCS this week, how are things looking as we head toward the finals and EU's Promotion tournament.