What Makes a Good Putter?

With all the different styles available, how do you find a good putter? Do you listen to what the experts say, or go by what you like? How can you find The One?

Sony Open Recap

Justin Thomas continued his dominance in Hawaii, earning his second win in as many weeks. The rest of the field was basically in a fight for second all weekend long.

The Kirkland Signature Hype Train and its Screeching Halt

The bulk sale giant, Costco, has a hit on its hands with the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball; but with stock always sold out, is the hype over the new golf fad coming to an end?

Three Reasons Why Driving Distance Went Up on the PGA Tour in Ten Years

We break things down and take a look at three of the biggest reasons why driving distance rose the most on the PGA Tour in ten years.

Justin Thomas shot a 59, and it could’ve been better.

It takes an incredible performance to shoot a 59 on any golf course. Justin Thomas accomplished that feat yesterday and was the youngest to do it on the PGA tour.

Previewing The Sony Open in Hawaii

The Sony Open in Hawaii has had a surprise or two in the last few years. We'll see if we can predict who will finish at the top.

What’s In A Driver?

If you're in the market for a new "big dog", the best thing you can do is research before you buy. We're here to help you make a smart purchase.

Is Golf a Dying Sport?

In a generation shaped by instant gratification and short attention spans – is golf too costly, frustrating, and time-consuming to thrive in America?

Golf Legend Arnold Palmer Passed Away

One of golf's most influential figures and a true legend, Arnold Palmer passed away this Sunday in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was 87-years-old.