NFL Draft Profile: Denzel Ward

Denzel Ward is the top corner in this draft. He excels with great speed in coverage and will be able to start right away. He is a top 10 pick.

NFL Draft Profile: Isaiah Wynn

Isaiah Wynn is a first-rounder and projected guard. He has the power to function in a gap scheme and the feet to function in a zone scheme.

2018 NFL Draft Positional Rankings

With just two NFL team's still alive this season, we begin to turn our attention to the 2018 NFL Draft. Here you'll find our initial positional rankings.

Strength of Schedule and the College Football Playoffs

Analyzing wins/losses relative to strength of schedule shows why Wisconsin, and not UCF, had the biggest beef with the playoff committee.

College Football Over- and Under-Achievers for 2017

I used the recruit rankings to determine which college football teams over- and under-achieved based on the talent on their rosters.

Lesko’s Bowl Picks – 2018

Following the first weekend of Bowl games, Find out who will win the CFP, and who will win all their Bowl games over the next three weeks.

Coaching Candidates: College Coaches

With some NFL teams already looking toward next season, we identify the college coaches who make the best potential NFL head coaches.

Why Kirk Herbstreit is Right (and Wrong) About Sam Darnold

If you stayed up to watch the UCLA-USC game, you may have heard color man Kirk Herbstreit's impassioned criticism of Sam Darnold.

What Happened: Notre Dame

Last week was a crazy weekend in College Football. Notre Dame was blown out by Miami in the most important game of the week. But why?