Fantasy Football Notes from Preseason Week 1 and Hard Knocks

Looking for Fantasy Football sleepers? Sam and Sean talk a ton of NFL this week including insights from the first week of preseason.

The Atlantic Files #135: Boston Celtics year in review

The Boston Celtics, third place in the Atlantic, are the next team up in the 2018-19 year in review series. Now Kyrie-less, what will happen.

NFC West and Preseason Week 1 Chatter

Sean and Brad are back at it talking about the NFC West. The betting world is a bit more down on the division this year, but we not us!

Episode 54: Scheduled Release

On this weeks episode of the Underdog Sports NBA show, Zandrick and Tyler discuss the 2020 NBA schedule, primetime games and more!

146. Former DC Universe writer-producer Ray Carsillo

This week on the show we are joined by former ESPN producer, Video Game writer and blogger, and former writer and producer for the DC Universe app Ray Carsillo.

210. David Meltzer

This week on Sports With Friends: Speaker, Entrepreneur, CEO David Meltzer has about 7 connections to Seth Everett. Co-workers, family friends, and a long history...

Episode 135: Calling Adam Silver

On episode 135 of The Underdog Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna talk about the Adam Silver debacle, Hard Knocks, and USA Olympic Basketball.

The Underdog Sports Fantasy Hour: We Go (NFL) South

Josh and Anshu continue their division previews with the AFC and NFC South, sprinkling in some fantasy thoughts, and have some Leftovers.

The Potterhood Podcast #15: Back from Summer Vacation

Neko and Will are back from a brief vacation to ask what if Peeves were black. They settle who Harry's 3rd best friend is once & for all.