Create Your Shot: Joe Gallo

This week Joe Gallo from Merrimack College joins the guys to talk about becoming a head coach at his alma mater. Tyler, Smallz and Joe talk about breaking into to coaching.

Minisode: NBA Playoffs with TJ Dileo

As the NBA Playoffs start, Tyler and Smallz get TJ Dileo on to talk about the first round matchups. 76ers mania, Tyler's pessimistic views

Episode 66 – May-ilbag

Cesar and Jackson field mailbag questions from listeners on topics such as the top seniors in the draft, potential late risers, and more.

135: Season Win Totals and NFL News

Walt and Kenny discuss the best bets for 2017 season win totals and all the important NFL News going on including injuries and releases.

Episode 76: Another Warriors Championship

On episode 76 of The Underdog Chris Horwedel and Anshu Khanna talk about Shohei Ohtani's injury, potential NFL holdouts, the NBA Draft and more.

The Fadeaway: Episode 22- Matt Farago and BJ Boyer Join the Show

The Voice of The Globetrotters joins the show along with conversation about the NBA Draft and the free agency frenzy about to happen

The Leftovers: On July 19th

Josh and Dan recap the Kawhi for Derozan blockbuster, Melo finally being on the move, the Tribe's new relievers, and turn on the Microwave.

8/8/18: It’s a Hard Knocks Life For Cleveland

Josh, Anshu, and Dan discuss Antonio Callaway's troubles, Melo to Houston, and start their NFL division previews with the AFC West.

8/27/18: Josh Gordon is Back, Carson Wentz is Not

This time on The Leftovers: The Leftovers is a nightly recap show that's brought to you by Anshu Khanna, Josh Dunn, and Dan Bower, in...