The Atlantic Files #139: Southwest Division Preview

Mike and Alex breakdown the Southwest division with two superstars and the top two picks of the 2019 NBA Draft, who's going to win?

The Atlantic Files #138: Northwest Division Preview

Year in Review series is done which means Alex and Mike are on to the division preview series as we gear up for a new, exciting year

The Atlantic Files #137: New York Knicks year in review

The New York Knicks are down at the bottom of the East yet again, Mike and Alex discuss if that will continue or if that will change soon.

The Atlantic Files #136: Brooklyn Nets year in review

Mike and Alex welcome Dennis Clausen back to the show to look at the year that was for the Brooklyn Nets and take a look ahead to next year.

The Atlantic Files #135: Boston Celtics year in review

The Boston Celtics, third place in the Atlantic, are the next team up in the 2018-19 year in review series. Now Kyrie-less, what will happen.

The Atlantic Files #134: Philadelphia 76ers year in review

The Philadelphia 76ers lost to the NBA Champs by just a couple bounces, Mike and Alex grade their season and take a look ahead.

The Atlantic Files #133: Toronto Raptors year in review

The Year in Review series is back! Mike and Alex dive into the year that was for the NBA Champion Toronto Raptors and take a peek ahead

The Atlantic Files #132: Los Angeles Clippers did what?

The Los Angeles Clippers stacked up in a huge way, Mike and Alex break down that plus everything else from the crazy free agency period.

The Atlantic Files #131: NBA Free Agency ft ScoopB

Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson joins the show to preview NBA Free Agency and give some inside scoops on where some of the big names might go.