#80: Mike Bossetti from Raptors Rapture

On episode 80 of The Atlantic Files, Alex Fischbein is joined by Mike Bossetti of Raptors Rapture to talk Raptors basketball.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 79

On the latest episode of The Atlantic Files, Alex gives a recap of his experiences at All-Star Weekend and the last third of the season.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 78

In Episode 78 of The Atlantic Files, Alex goes over the impact of the Kristaps Porzingis injury and breaks down the trade deadline.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 77

On episode 77 of The Atlantic Files, Alex gives his thoughts on All-Star snubs, who should be replaced, & looks into the Sixers stats.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 76

In episode 76, Alex Fischbein takes a deeper look into the New York Knicks recent struggles, the London game, and the Raptors blowout

The Atlantic Files: Episode 75

Alex Fischbein and Mike Bash talk about some of the up-and-coming Brooklyn Nets, and how Sean Marks is doing as General Manager.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 74

In this special Christmas Eve episode of The Atlantic Files, Alex takes a deep dive on the Raptors and gives out presents to each team

The Atlantic Files: Episode 73

This week on the Atlantic Files, Alex talks about Brett Brown's appearance on the Woj Pod, Ben Simmons' mindset, and the Okafor trade.

The Atlantic Files: Episode 72

Alex Fischbein brings Mike Bash on episode 72 to talk Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets, Ben Simmons, and redshirt rookies winning Rookie of the Year