The Atlantic Files: #91

Kawhi Leonard has finally been traded, but it was for DeMar DeRozan, so Alex and Mike debate each side of the trade on the latest episode.

The Atlantic Files: #90

Mike Bash has now joined the show as a permanent co-host! During this episode, Mike and Alex talk free agents, trades, and Summer League.

The Atlantic Files #89

Episode 89 of the Atlantic Files contains Alex's thoughts, reactions, and tears about the 2018 NBA Draft. Find out who caused him to smile.

The Atlantic Files #88

On the latest episode of The Atlantic Files, Mike Bash joins Alex to talk Nets and Sixers potential offseason moves and LeBron's destination

The Atlantic Files: #87

The Toronto Raptors are still searching for a coach while making all of their players available, Alex talks on if that's the right move.

The Atlantic Files: #86

Sound the alarms, the Twitter investigators found that Bryan Colangelo has burner accounts so Alex dives into the repercussions.

The Atlantic Files: #85

Episode 85 of the Atlantic Files takes a deeper look into the Eastern Conference Finals between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Atlantic Files: #84

Alex is back with a lot of talk on the NBA Playoffs and how the Atlantic Division is faring in Episode 84 of The Atlantic Files.

The Atlantic Files: #83

The regular season has officially wrapped up which means it's time to give out the annual Atlantic Awards on The Atlantic Files.